Super 2D Adventure Simulator
Super 2D Adventure Simulator Super 2D Adventure Simulator Super 2D Adventure Simulator

It's the year whatever it is - but not for you! You awake to find yourself trapped in a 1980s computer game! All logic is out the window as you run around collecting coins that have been left lying around and no-one else is stealing. Previously inanimate objects are now inexplicably very much animated and filled with bloodlust for you, our gallant hero, whilst everyone else in town seems imune and oblivious to the goings on. So grab your trainers and your trusty water pistol and highhtail it out of town with your girlfriend on the last train - which will of course rather handily wait around at the station until you've collected all the unwanted coins so you can buy two tickets.

Super 2D Adventure Simulator features over 50 screens of lush 16 colour environments to explore, all in glorious 8 bit retro style graphics, with authentic 8 bit sounds and music created on an Amstrad CPC 464.

Take control of two characters each with unique abilities; collect coins, keys and items that will help you and interact with the town's inhabitants to help rid your home town of bad guys.

1dunc 15750 
2tafty 15750 
3dunccyyy 15750 
4duncdunc 15750 
5duncdude 15650 
6drunkdpc 1990 
7duncster 1450 
8duncyman 1090 
9screw u 1090 
10betpet 870 
11tom 840 
12georg 830 
13gt 770 
14ffss 740 
15dddss 610 
16infamous 580 
17connor 470 
18%%%%%%%% 470 
19gaz 430 
20lll 430 
21jeff 430 
22infy 420 
23endurio 410 
24  410 
25betpet 400 
26ll 390 
27endurion 380 
28Kevin 360 
29 ddd 350 
30jjj 350 

Programming, graphics, sound effects and music by Duncan Clapham
Sound effects created using sfxr
Developed using BlitzMax


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