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Click and hold the left mouse button anywhere on the grid to begin dropping and then drag to drop four or more bugs. Release the mouse button to drop the bugs onto the grid where they will follow the arrows. Match rows or columns of the same colour to remove them from the grid and fill the test tubes. Fill all the test tubes to complete each level.

Programming and graphics by Gareth Taft
Sounds from Sound Rangers
Additional sounds from
 "pushbutn.wav" & "pushbut2.wav" by Sergenious
 "Synthetic water.wav" by KVde
 "CO2 Gas Bubbles #1.wav" by lonemonk
 "BubblesLoop_Some.wav" by zimbot
 "Lava loop.wav" by Audionautics
 "Bubbles 1.aiff" & "Bubbles 2.aiff" by gnrja
Zekton font by Typodermic Fonts
Developed using FlashDevelop and Starling

BIG THANKS TO: Jane, Dunc, Adele, Mike, Haley, Sally, Wendy & Mantas


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