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Crim Busters, an addictive, arcade inspired, police pursuit game! The criminals are on the run and only the Crim Busters can stop them! Chase down each Crim and ram their car until the damage meter fills and they are forced to stop! Spread across five addictive levels, use your driving skills and turbo boosts against the clock to bust some crims!

A: Brake
Escape: Pause
M: Mute
O: Steer left
P: Steer right
Q: Accelerate
Return: Turbo
Space: Change gear

Programming and graphics by Duncan Clapham
Additional graphics from Stock.XCHNG
Sound effects by victormalloy, FatLane, Rock Savage, sandyrb, vlammenos & guitarguy1985 via freesound
Music by incompetech
Developed using FlashDevelop


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